Chicha is a Peruvian Fusion Restaurant and Pisco bar located in Lewisham. 


Chef Francis opened Chicha in late 2019, due to the success Chicha relocated two doors down in October 2020. Chicha is the vision of Chef Francis’s culinary travels in his native Peru and Latin America.
Chicha is a reflection of the immense variety of flavours and colours of not only Peru but the South American continent. Chicha wants to present the wide diversity and fusion of Modern Peruvian food, using the best and most authentic ingredients, in a modern presentation. Peruvian cuisine fuses many different ethnicities, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and African.


Our restaurant pays homage to Lima’s colonial heritage, from our pink bannister that represent the colonial houses of Barranco along with the monochrome flooring. Original work by the renowned Elliot Tupac can be appreciated all around the restaurant. We want to transport our guests to Peru, not only with our food but we the environment we have created.